Susan Stockwell


Susan Stockwell’s practice is concerned with ecology, politics, mapping, trade and global commerce for which she is gaining a highly regarded reputation for innovative and exciting art works. She uses materials from the everyday and the domestic, from manufacturing and industry, from toilet tissue on an industrial scale (Paper Installation, Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London, 1994) to recycled computer components (Flood, York, 2010) and paper currency from a variety of countries with exacting methodologies that include a high level of precision and detail. 

Stockwell is also interested in participatory art practice and has worked with a range of groups including inmates from Wandsworth Prison (Fine Cell Works) and most recently contributed Sail Away (2013) an installation in the turbine hall of Tate Modern for the Hyperlink Festival curated by Tate Collective. 

She has recently completed Peace Maker (2014) a new commission for the National Army Museum, London, made through workshops with ex-service personnel at rehabilitation and veterans support organisations, such as StollPeace Maker is on show at the National Army Museum until the end of April 2014 and will then tour the UK in the exhibition Piece Makers through 2014 - 2016 before finally being installed in the new National Army Museum. British Forces News interviewed Susan about her collaboration with ex-service personel: BFN: Art Installation Taps into Troops feelings.

SEA-MARKINGS was a major new installation in the foyer of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford, completed after a residency at RSC and includes an exhibition in the PACCAR Room. Further developing Stockwell's interest in money, trade, globalisation, mapping and journey's she was also influenced by the plays Othello and The Merchant of Venice. Her new installation, Rumpelstiltskin featured in the exhibition, Exchange (Aspex, 2019) continued this interest, focussing upon trade and globalisation.

Susan Stockwell has shown work extensively in the UK and abroad, including the Victoria & Albert Museum (2001, 2010), Shenghua Art Centre, China (2006), B-Side Ecology, Taipei (2008), Art League of Houston, Houston, USA (2009), The Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, New York, USA (2010), The Air Gallery, London (2011), Manchester City Art Gallery (2012), London Print Studio (2012) and regular solo exhibitions at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London. Her work is in public and private collections around the world, including The Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Yale Centre for British Art, Yale, USA; The African National Party, South Africa; Binghamton Art Museum, New York USA; Francis H Williams Collection, New York City, USA; Christopher Erck Collection, Texas, USA; Shenghua Art Centre, Nanjing, China and the Alireza Collection, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

Territory Dress (2018), was purchased by the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam in 2019.

Susan’s work is regularly reviewed in national media and the art press and her work has recently been included in David Evan’s The Art of Walking – A Field Guide (Black Dog Publishing, ISBN: 9781907317873) which is the first extensive survey of walking in contemporary art.

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