Laura Daly


Site and demarcation are on-going concerns in Laura Daly’s practice. She uses a variety of media, including video, drawings, photography, mapping and sound in both site specific and site related projects that range significantly in scale. Laura seeks to encourage a process of searching by both locating and dislocating the audience – often not only asking the viewer to consider their relationship with a particular site, but also demanding a physical response to the piece.

Laura Daly’s practice currently concerns the relationships we have with place. She is fascinated by the way in which landscape can be used as both a metaphor and object of hope and loss and the tension that lies between these perspectives. Considering questions of projection and romanticism, she is particularly interested in how an implied sense of ‘somewhere else’ can exacerbate a conflict of these feelings and shape our understanding of a site.

This approach has evolved into an exploration of site related objects/images that hold a capacity to sustain a particular sense of place in different environments and a consideration of the role of transition in these circumstances. Of particular interest is the non-specific imagery we see when travelling at high speed and geographic icons that can inspire a psycho-geographical standpoint such as flags, motifs and souvenirs.

Laura is currently developing new projects.

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